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💥🤯So Satisfying Smart Watch..⁉️💢| You Never Expected This 😱

Amazfit T-Rex 2 Summery:-
This watch is a great pick smartwatch option for all those who choose durability over features. Performance wise they have not compensated any extra features or Quality. It is a rich viewing experience as the display blazes with better visual quality. This might not have few outstanding or exceptional extra features like using voice assistant, messaging, music playback on Bluetooth earphones that’s in some expensive smart watches. But for that it doesn’t mean that this has less features as this offers more than what those watches does in terms of durability, quality, rigidity, robustness as one can take it to the hardest possible environment. Places like during gym workouts and some hard environment like mountain climbing hiking etc. Since this is temperature resistant in both the extremes of freezing or boiling also this is very rich in user interface and experience overall. Also that this watch offers water resistance hence one might be able to use this watch even underwater with the help of buttons provided to exclusively use all the features offered in the watch as the touch display being capacitive touch might not work under water.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 Time Stamp

00:00 Amazfit T-Rex 2 Intro
01:51 Display
02:43 Build Quality
04:14 GPS
04:51 UI
05:53 IP Rating
06:24 Battery
07:15 Amazfit T-Rex 2 !!! Worth? or Not Worth?

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