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Are Budget Android Tablets Worth It In 2023?

Should you buy a budget Android tablet in 2023 and is the Oppo Pad Air a worthy choice? This review shows off the familiar specs and features of the Oppo Pad Air, comparing vs rival cheap tablets like the Xiaomi Pad 6, and that more expensive iPad.

For under £200 you can grab a decent budget tab these days, ideal for web browsing, reading magazines, streaming video, editing docs and more. I’d also recommend grabbing an Oppo Pad Air or similar affordable Android if you want to keep your kids entertained, or as a portable screen to carry around the home.

You can even turn budget tablets like the Oppo Pad Air into a compact makeshift laptop using a keyboard dock. They’re small, light and great for smashing out emails or essays wherever you wander.

So what’s your pick of the best budget Android tablet in 2023? Let us know what you’re using below!

Are Budget Android Tablets Worth It In 2023 Chapters:
0:00 – Another world class intro
0:30 – Design
1:43 – Features & software
4:24 – Display & audio
6:25 – Cameras
7:04 – Performance & gaming
7:54 – Battery life
8:40 – Verdict

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