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Best 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptops to buy

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Detailed side-by-side review of Lenovo Yoga 7i vs HP Envy x360 vs Lenovo Flex 5 vs Dell inspiron 14 vs Acer Spin 3. Find out which one is the best Touchscreen laptops that support active stylus pens in 2021!

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  1. hi sir, great video you have, can i have your opinion on which processor is better?
    hp envy
    – i7 1165
    – ryzen 7 4700U
    – i5 1135

  2. the yoga 7i i7 evo…. get it with 12 gigs or better, the up grade your hard drive as u see fit. 300 nit makes a class changing diffrence

  3. For taking notes and Machine Learning coding, would you suggest Flex 5 Ryzen 5700u 8GB Ram or Yoga 6 Ryzen 4700u 16GB Ram?
    Can't figure out whether it's best to have better CPU or RAM

  4. Sir, how about rog flow x13? It use 120 hz screen

    And, Is it as good as yoga 7i?
    Fyi, yoga 7i screen runs 90 hz

  5. As a surface pro user, i can't imagine those keyboard getting scratch and trap dirt as it being used as tablet. Any laptop with detachable or rotatable screen is better than this 360 hinge system..

  6. Just a FYI Lenovo customer service is like the worst of any computer company their warranty drop off locations will not even service their own products!

  7. There is this Dell Inspiron 5410 which is so called "New Inspiron 2 in 1". Can u please clarify which one are you talking about in this video and if it is about the 5406 you have described, please let us know if inspiron 5410 or yoga 7i is best?

  8. I just bought yoga 7i in march its literary mind blowing you can just cant go wrong with the yoga series if there are any questions regarding the laptop I am happy to help 😊

  9. Getting an option of flex5 ryzen 7 5700 U and envy ryzen 7 4700 U, whcih one should I buy? Hp built quality vs 5700 U performance of Lenovo

  10. Lenovo Flex 5 ( ryzen 5 5500) costs ~58K ₹
    And Yoga 7i (i5 11th) costs 80K ₹
    It's a huge difference, going for lenovo flex 5

  11. Hey i just want to know .
    Lenovo yoga 7 i5 11th generation laptop at 80000 is a good deal ??
    Or i should wait for diwali sales

  12. Here in India price difference between lenovo flex and yoga is huge . Confused between Ryzen 5 5500u and i5 11 . Want for casual student use with occasional games like gta 5 & forza 4 .

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