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Best Cell Phone Plans September 2021

Unlimited data for $25 / month, including hotspot and 5G? Yes! David and David tell you about the best cell phone plans of September 2021.

How much are you currently paying for your phone service? Most people pay way more than they need to.

Learn all the ways that you can save with Visible, with monthly plans available for as low as $25 / month. Visible’s Plan includes unlimited data powered by Verizon, including 5G.

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  1. mint mobile is not 15 dollars a month. its a lie stay where you are its double what they advertise. WARNING ITS NOT 15 A MONTH.

  2. How are the speed's if you go over the 5GBs on the Verizon 5GB Plan? Do they only slow your speed's down if the Network is congested around you or do they go to 2G or 3G speed's for the rest of the month? I'm thinking about switching from Metro to that 5GB Verizon Plan but I'd need to know what they do after you go over your 5GB's because I don't always have WiFi around me and I'd need speed's that are enough to Browse the Web go on Social apps and listen to Spotify?

  3. What would you recommend for a boost mobile customer of 15 yrs and paying $120 for two phones plus uses over 35g cap.

  4. I know this came out in Sept. and now it is Oct.3. So, maybe things have changed.
    but, when i was at verizon today. asking about a 1 line pre paid plan. I was told there was a $30 a month charge for 5gb shared data, etc. along with a monthly charge of $35 for line access for $65 per month.
    That is a lot different then $35.
    What am I missing here?

  5. not sure if it changed, but visible is 40$ a month after the initial 25$ month which is misleading. Google Fi still cheaper if you barely use cellular data.

  6. I work at T-Mobile and let me tell you. The best plan in all of wireless is the magenta plan for price. You get unlimited data that slows at 100gb (most people don’t use more than that) you get 5gb mobile hotspot high speed then slower but still unlimited. International text, data. Mexico Canada included with calling, data, and text! Netflix and inflight wifi? All for 3 lines at $120?

  7. I do a lot of video conferencing, sometimes on a hotspot. I'm concerned the 5mbps will be a problem. Any experience with Zoom or TEAMS calls on a hotspot with Visible?

  8. When I get a new phone I automatically pay the first month's data plan then drop my data plan / stop paying for a data plan and use only free WiFi. I do this all the time.

  9. Dave and Dave explain the difference in all the taxes and fees with the different cell providers please

  10. Visible was originally my first choice for a carrier but unfortunately, they're very picky about which phones they will allow on their network. I have a Galaxy S9 which is fully unlocked and has been checked by just about every mainstream carrier and it's acceptable on all of them including Verizon. However, it's not acceptable on Visible even though it' listed as an acceptable phone on their site. I asked them why it's not accepted and they said they don't know why, that it's a phone thing not their service.

  11. I enjoyed it. I recently did a review video of Mint Mobile so I'm curious to hear other opinions on low cost plans

  12. After the T-Mobile hack we have decided to switch carriers. Your review of Verizon’s prepaid plan we decided to switch. The only issue is that our phones are not compatible with Verizon, so we need to buy new phones. Thanks for your review.

  13. T-Mobile could be free and I’m not a prospect. I’m paying $200 for Verizon unlimited for kid and me. When I want to use the phone and I need it to work. T-Mobile has always sucked in my experience in the southeast.

  14. Help me, Need new phone and plan and I'm overwhelmed already. (Love your content so my anxiety is not your fault). 2 over 55 people each have own number, need to put both lines on one plan. Must have at least 10 GB data. ok with 4G, need hotspot data, one of us needs a new phone, iPhone preferably (I'm too old to figure out another type phone) but MUST have 128GB AT LEAST, am not trading in. Best deal for mostly plan and to get new phone for free or discount? The only thing worse than buying a new phone and plan is trying to compare and buy mattresses. HELP!

  15. Do these plans Verizon, Visible, and Mint include all taxes and fees charged by cell phone companies? I know Tmobile does and if you are 55 or older magenta max is 65.00 a month plus free Iphone 12 or 12 plus.Forevvvvver lol

  16. TMOBILE coverage is still sketchy in south central PA,. Verizon is good, but calls can just drop. Legacy sprint towers are best in South Central PA , but those towers are being shut down or repurposed for TMOBILE 5G.

  17. I pay $70 a month for 5G of data on Verizon. Is there any reason why I wouldn’t want to switch to the prepaid plan. Would Verizon give me any trouble if I try to switch and can I keep my current number?

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