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Best Compact Smartphones (2023) | Top 12 Small-ish Blowers!

Reviewing the best compact smartphones in 2023, including some small handsets under 6-inches and my favourite flip-style foldables! From Google’s Pixel 7 to Samsung’s Galaxy S23 and the Xiaomi 13, plus mini bendy phones like the Oppo Find N2 Flip and Moto Razr. They may be small, but these smartphones boast solid specs, dependable camera tech, strong enough performance for gaming (in most cases) and mostly long battery life.

Unboxings and reviews are live on Tech Spurt for most of these compact mobiles, stay tuned for my full review of the Xiaomi 13. Here’s hoping we also get an updated Moto Razr for 2023, while an iPhone 15 Mini is sadly looking unlikely!

Other notable small phones right now include Samsung’s Galaxy S23, the Moto Edge Neo and Sony’s Xperia 5 iv. The Samsung S23 in particular is one of the best new flagships of the year, with Snapdragon performance and much improved battery life.

In a world of massive mobiles, these compact blowers are perfect for one-hand play. Among the greatest on a budget is Google’s Pixel 6a, which boasts one of my favourite smartphone cameras at a mid-range asking price.

If you want a premium device with dependable battery performance, flexible camera chops and strong specs, the Xiaomi 13 and Zenfone 9 are a great choice – Asus’ mobile is especially compact. And here’s hoping the Pixel 8 will maybe shrink a little more vs the Pixel 7.

If you’re more of an iOS fan, check out the iPhone 13 Mini. Apple’s small mobile is still easy to use with one mitt despite that brick-like design. Just don’t get the iPhone SE whatever you do. Personally I prefer Sony’s Xperia 5 IV, which sports a notch-free 21:9 display, pro camera tech, and some great media smarts.

The Moto RAZR 5G is also rather nifty, provided you have the budget for it. That bendy OLED screen means the RAZR folds up super compact, just like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 – one of my favourite foldable smartphones right now.

Check out my reviews/unboxings of these mobiles here on Tech Spurt for more info!

Best Compact Phones (2023) Chapters:
0:00 – Rambly bit
0:43 – Google Pixel 7
1:50 – Google Pixel 6a
3:12 – Asus Zenfone 9
4:38 – Motorola Edge 30 Neo
5:46 – Apple iPhone 13 Mini
7:13 – Apple iPhone SE 3 – NOPE
7:57 – Sony Xperia 5 IV
9:20 – Motorola Moto Razr 5G
10:37 – Oppo Find N2 Flip
11:28 – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
12:20 – Samsung Galaxy S23
13:39 – Xiaomi 13
14:59 – Byyyyyeeeeeee

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