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BEST SMARTPHONE CAMERA? Samsung S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro!

Chelsea & Tony Northrup compare the Samsung S23 Ultra to the iPhone 14 Pro to find which has the best camera. They test the Samsung’s 200 megapixel mode against the iPhone 48 megapixel raw files. They also test the telephoto lenses, portraits, selfies, action video, 8k video, and more!

0:00 Introduction
1:36 Telephoto lens test
2:12 200 megapixel vs 48 megapixel test
4:11 210mm S23 ultra telephoto lens vs 70mm iPhone telphoto lens
5:19 Raw file comparison
6:15 8k video camera test vs Sony a7S III
6:31 Selfie camera test
7:38 Macro camera test
8:25 8k video test vs iphone
9:00 Action mode/super steady test
9:58 Portrait camera test
12:35 Astrophotography camera test
13:14 Summary

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