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Best Smartwatch in 2022 – Samsung vs Huawei vs ????? – 30 different models!

What is the best smartwatch in 2022?
My name is LUKA and in this video, I want to recommend you what is, from my point of view, the best smartwatch of the year 2022 and the reasons why I consider this. Stay until the end because I think the result will shock you.
First, I want to tell you that I have been a lover of smart watches since the first models appeared from Samsung in 2013 and later in 2015 with Huawei. I had from the first Samsung watch – The Samsung Gear – which had a camera or even Gear S that came with a physical SIM card slot to Samsung Active 2 or the newer models – The Samsung Watch 3 and Watch 4 which have LTE function and rotating bezel; I had from the first Huawei Watch – which in terms of design was super nice but had a very slow software, to Huawei GT, GT2, GT2 PRO and even Huawei watch 3 PRO which comes with Harmony operating system and wireless charging.
I even had watches from OPPO, Apple, Garmin, LG and Fitbit.
So, in the next few minutes I will recommend the best smartwatch of the year 2022 and the reasons why I recommend it.
Given at least 10 years of wearing a smart watch, I realized that this watch must have the following functions: to keep the battery for a long time so you do not have to charge it daily, to be good-looking and to have a high resolution screen and its brightness good enough to be able to see what it displays in daylight, to have a speaker to be able to answer it when you need it and can’t answer the phone; to have Heart Rate and SPO2 monitoring as accurate as possible, not to be very heavy and thick because you can hit it or hang them very easily and last but not least to be able to be connected to any smartphone you use, this being Apple, Samsung, Huawei or any alt smartphone.
I really like the rotating bezel from Samsung, the rotating crown from APPLE or the battery from Huawei, but the best watch of 2022 must include all these functions and have one of the most versatile operating systems.
So, considering the aspects mentioned above and using these watches daily I can recommend you as the best watch of 2022 – 2 watches – you will see in the following why their can’t be only one.
The first one I recommend is Huawei GT2 Pro which at the time of making this video costs about 170$ and is my day-to-day watch. And the brand-new Samsung Watch 4 because the Wear OS operating system that works great and can be used independently of the phone.
Why can’t I recommend a single watch?
The battery on the Samsung Watch 4 lasts very little bit – around 4 days with active monitoring functions compared to the battery on the Huawei GT 2 PRO which lasts about 13 days.
I do not mean that the watches from Apple or other manufacturers are not good, but these 2 watches incorporate the best technologies – from physical monitoring to operating system even very good battery where Huawei with The GT 2 PRO far exceeds the potential of others smart watch manufacturers.
And as you can see on the table, I also have Huawei GT 2 PRO and Huawei Watch 3 PRO with Harmony operating system – the reason why I still choose the Huawei GT 2 Pro is due to the weight, thickness of the watch and the operating system that still needs work – as you can easily see the new model is very very thick plus the Huawei Watch 3 PRO is double the price compared to the HUAWEI GT2 PRO.
I did not want to tire you with the multitude of sports functions or general functions because almost all models have the same functions.
What do you think? What watch do you own?
Thank you for your attention and I look forward to your comments.
Best Smartwatch in 2022
Thanks for watching!

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