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Best Tablets Which Is The Best Tablet For You?

5. Apple iPad Air
4. Microsoft Surface Pro X 2020
3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
2. Apple iPad Pro
1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

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  1. So the recommendation is for tablet that has 5g, with all it's dangers. Nice to have an tablet that will outlast it's owner/

  2. Not sure why I'm watching this. I have an 11" M1 iPad Pro and freaking love it…
    Just watching to see what other cool tech is out there I guess. Tablets these days are amazing!

  3. PLEASE HELP: Hello. Great video. I have a chromebook. It allows a person to login to his account. It also allows others to login as a guest. This is nice if you have friends over who need temporary access to surf the web and you dont want them to access your data. But my chromebook doesnt have a SIM card slot/tray where I can insert a Globe or Smart SIM card. So my chromebook cant make/receive calls/texts or access the internet thru Globe or Smart. I heard that some tablets have a SIM card slot/tray where you can insert a Globe or Smart SIM card. My question is: Is there an Android tablet or chromebook that has a SIM card slot/tray where I can insert a Globe or Smart SIM card AND allow someone to login as a guest AND available in Pinas or shippable to Pinas? Thanks.

  4. I tried Lenovo tab e10 it was really slow and turns off when I turn off bluetooth so I am searching for another tab

  5. How you can include a polished turd like the Surface Pro X in a list of best tablets leaves me speechless.

  6. The MS Pro X weighs 999 pounds!? Jesus fucking Christ! How is anyone supposed to carry that thing around with them?

  7. I got an iPad as a reward and I hate it, I am looking for a Pad that actually belongs to me where I can manage its files and folders as I please (like a PC) that I can install APPS of my choosing independenly of my wallet being linked or not of being online or not. A pad that I can freely share files from and back to my PC with etc. Basically a Pad that is an extension of my PC would be best and that I can carry and use when not on my PC, read a book on while listening to music etc. iPad is not it, they seem to want me to subscribe fort every little thing I want to do and prevent me from having full control of it. I cannot believe people pay for such limited product.

  8. The more I am exposed to tablets, the more I appreciate my PC. That said, the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus FHD is good by tablets standards.

  9. I had use cheap Chinese android tablet, Samsung Tab 7, Samsung Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, Asus 10 inch tab and the Ipad Pro 10.5 2017 256 wifi + lte, the best so far the ipad pro. I use for most of my work including 4k video edit. Looking forward to the yet to be release ipad pro 2021 either the 11 or 12.9.

  10. Tablets should be sold in TWO categories; those that can run perpetually when plugged in, and those that, despite being plugged in, eventually run out of power anyway.

  11. Right now,I'm using the Samsung galaxy tab A 10.1 but the Device that I use at my moms house broke,so hopefully I'll see the tablet my mom ordered for me one of the Alcatel smart tabs!:)

  12. not a good long term investment at all, all my apple prodtucts are now crap like a snails pace, i am so gutted about my ipad mini it is in mint condition i hardly used it now its crap i will never buy apple again

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