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Best Verizon Cell Phone Plans [2020]

David and David tell you about the best Verizon cell phone plans and make two recommendations.

00:19 Verizon Prepaid Plans
01:43 Verizon Unlimited Plans
03:45 Verizon’s “Not So Great” Plans

Compare the best Verizon cell phone plan deals:

The best Verizon phone plans can be broken down into two main categories: Prepaid and Unlimited. Verizon does have other types of plans, but we don’t think they’re a great value.

Verizon Prepaid plans include unlimited minutes and messages as well as a little bit of cellular data. We don’t recommend the Unlimited Prepaid Plan because it doesn’t include mobile hotspot.

Our favorite Verizon Prepaid plan is the 6 GB plan. We both have this plan and absolutely love it.

Learn more about this plan:

Verizon offers four main Unlimited plans: Start, Do More, Play More, and Get More. The Start Unlimited plan is the least expensive, and for good reason too. It doesn’t include mobile hotspot, premium data, or 5G access.

The Get More Unlimited plan is a bit expensive for our taste, but if price isn’t a concern, you’ll get more out of this plan than almost any other.

Learn more about the Get More Unlimited Plan:

When considering all factors, including price, we believe the Play More Unlimited is the best Verizon unlimited plan. It has higher quality video streaming, a full Apple Music membership, and more than enough cellular data to get you through the month.

Learn more about the Play More Unlimited Plan:

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