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Can Tablets Replace Laptops? – I Tried for 7 Days

Is it possible to replace your laptop with a tablet? After one week of doing this, I can say this was not what I expected.
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Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
This channel is monetized via YouTube ads as well as some affiliate links. If a purchase is made after clicking the link, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to the buyer. Thank you all for watching!

Tablets have come a really long way, and with more powerful chips and new features, the line between laptop and tablet is really starting to blurr. You can now buy laptops with removable keyboards and tablets with added keyboards, so are these interchangeable? For the past 7 days, I replaced my

Signing documents
My Files SUCKS!
Dex allows you to open multiple windows at once – Split screen is possible
Hotkeys work
USB things work
Small keyboard is limiting
Trackpad is weak
Apps are not optimized, and some are unavailable
Main everyday apps like internet browser, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung are fine
Very few ports = dongle is necessary
Powered peripheral devices will work
Overall very fast for basic everyday tasks
Perfect for an airplane seat tray
GPS is nice to have – this can be a car nav system
Casual use
Touch gestures similar to phone – Nice!
Nearby share (in case you felt left out from airdrop with Macs)
Plenty of storage
Can’t really use chrome extensions
Samsung internet works better anyway
detachable keyboard is great
vibrations for notifications

This can comfortably replace a chromebook
Great for most people looking to watch media, browse the web, and do basic document/spreadsheet processing
Not great for power users looking for specific programs
I struggled because there was no Adobe Premiere Pro

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