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Closer than Expected – Macbook Pro M1 vs the Best Windows Laptop I Found

With the Macbook Pro M1 release in early 2021, there’s been a lot of talk about this being the best laptop for creators and professionals you can buy. I mean its got amazing performance, battery life and an beautiful screen. But how does it do versus one of the best professional Windows laptops I could find right now?

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NZXT Capsule –
Western Digital Blue SN570 –

0:00 – PC vs Mac Laptop Intro
0:24 – Which should I Choose?
1:36 – Design & Build Quality
3:36 – The Best for Portability
4:40 – MagSafe & Keyboards Comparison
6:01 – TouchID & Trackpads
7:14 – The ASUS Dial MATTERS
7:36 – Ports on PC vs Mac
8:24 – The Best Display – XDR vs OLED
9:38 – Upgrade Options
11:46 – Speakers & Webcam Comparison
12:36 – The Creative Workflow
13:18 – Rendering Benchmarks
14:31 – Photo Editing
15:00 – Mac vs PC Video Editing
15:35 – Battery Life & Performance on Battery
16:30 – Power, Noise & Temperatures
17:16 – Competition is GREAT!


Review unit provided free of charge by Apple Canada and ASUS. This video is sponsored by NZXT & Western Digital. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Gear list (Available on Amazon):
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Main Lens (Dmitry) –
Main Camera (Eber) –
Main Lens (Eber) –
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