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Galaxy Tab S7 vs iPad Pro – The BEST Tablet!

Apple’s iPad Pro has been the KING of tablets for years now, but can Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Tab S7 take the crown with its updated modern design? Let’s compare EVERYTHING to find out!

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 is FINALLY here and it’s time to compare it to Apple’s flagship 2020 iPad Pro to see which one is the best tablet you can get!

There are a TON of differences between these tablets, so in this video, we compare EVERYTHING from the design, the displays, the speakers, the cameras, the microphones, the performance and much more!

Let’s see how that A12Z chip compared to the new Snapdragon 865+ in the Galaxy Tab S7.

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Introduction – 00:00
Unboxing the Tab S7 – 0:33
Design Differences – 1:39
Face ID vs Fingerprint Sensor – 3:38
Display Differences – 5:06
Display Quality Compared – 6:23
120Hz Slow-Mo Comparison – 7:48
Speaker Comparison – 8:58
Camera Comparison – 9:40
Processor Performance – 11:00
Graphics Performance – 11:38
Keyboard Case Support – 12:12
Tab S7 DeX Mode – 14:52
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 15:12
Full Prices Compared – 16:14
Which Tablet Should YOU Buy? – 18:09

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  1. Were you surprised by the slow-motion 120hz and Stylus latency comparison? How about the performance difference? Comment below!
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  2. Apple was always the winner in performance and design every other companies just followed through they are the most powerful tablets ever made. Nothing compares to an iPad Pro. Samsung will never beat Apple because it always seems to copy in different ways not necessarily “better” smh everything in here was copied from Apple : Face ID, the concept of pencil , lcd display , “work across other devices”? Haha Apple was the one that came up with it ! Stick to the iPad Pro trust me you won’t regret not a single problem I had ,not one ☝️

  3. Very bad microphone…sound appears muffled and far – needs immediate software update without which it's close to unusable.

  4. Fun fact: Samsung ISN'T copying Apple, they just work together BUT they try to see who can sell more. SO BASICALLY THEY ARE HAVING A COMPETITION IG.
    but still share ideas and help each other

  5. iPad Pro is far better than Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 because it has better camera quality and deep and rich audio quality

  6. I watched this video 3 months before and after seeing your comparison, today I am watching this video from my I PAD PRO

  7. who buys the official keboard case for a Samsung? Mine cost a quarter of the price of the official one, is bluetooth and does the same job. You should mention that with an Android device, you have that choice.

  8. I despise apple, their laptops and phones suck but their tablets are insane and I just wish they weren't as expensive as some laptops lmao

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