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Google Pixel Watch Review | Best Smartwatch for Android Fans

Reviewing Google’s Pixel Watch after over a week of use, with an unboxing and full tour of this fresh 2022 Wear OS smartwatch. The Pixel Watch is one of the best options for Android users, offering excellent integration for most of Google’s features like Pay, Maps etc. Although Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro does boast better battery life.

Longevity aside, what you have here is a reason to keep your phone in your pocket. From the excellent notifications support to the dedicated turn-by-turn navigation and slick fitness tracking, the Google Pixel Watch is packed with great features. It’s certainly one of the top options I’ve reviewed in 2022, apart from the battery performance.

Yes, if you don’t want a smartwatch that has to be charged every day, maybe consider the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Or an entirely different option like a Ticwatch. The Google Pixel Watch also offers a teeny screen with thick bezels, which may put off some potential customers. But if you’re an Android user, that feature support is certainly enticing.

Google Pixel Watch Review Chapters:
0:00 – Banging on a bit
0:41 – Unboxing the watch
1:01 – Design
2:57 – Setup & Pixel Watch app
4:26 – Display
5:24 – Wear OS features
8:31 – Google Assistant, mic, speaker
9:23 – Fitness tracking
10:58 – Fitbit Premium
11:38 – Sleep tracking
12:18 – Battery life
13:01 – Verdict

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