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[HINDI] Best Laptop for Ethical Hacking | Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide

Here I’ve cleared as much confusion as possible in the question of what is the best laptop to buy in 2022 for doing or learning ethical hacking. I’ve explained step by step all the things you need to consider before choosing your dream hacking machine. I’ve also suggested you the brands you can choose, but most importantly, I’ve discussed the specifications you would at the very least, at the recommendation, and at the pro level. You don’t wanna miss this one!

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00:00 Introduction
02:17 Why are laptops so important?
03:06 Structure of the guide
04:10 Processor/CPU
06:08 RAM
07:59 Storage
10:20 Graphics
12:42 Some More Important Features
15:27 Brands I Prefer
16:50 Conclusion

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