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(NEW RUGGED SMARTPHONES 2023) 7 New Rugged Phones (#1 is INSANE!)

In this video I’m going to show you two new night vision rugged phones, one new 5G eSIM rugged phone, Ulefone’s new budget friendly thermal rugged phone, a new rugged phone with satellite messaging, and more! Make sure you watch till the end, because no joke, the last phone in this video is insane, and you definitely will want to see it.

✅ Phone Links ✅

🟨 7. IIIF150 Air1 Ultra+ 🟨

✅ 👈

🟨 6. Fossibot F101 🟨

✅ 👈

🟨 5. Oukitel WP22 🟨

✅ 👈

🟨 4. RugGear RG540 🟨

RugGear Official
✅ 👈

🟨 3. Ulefone Armor 20WT 🟨

✅ 👈

🟨 2. Ulefone Power Armor 19T 🟨

✅ 👈

🟨 1. Ulefone Armor 23 Ultra 🟨

✅ 👈

When you click on these links and make a purchase, I can get a small commission from the eBay Partner Network or Ali Express.


😲 Does your rugged phone NOT WORK with your cell phone company?

🔥 TRY TELLO! Super low price and it works with most rugged phones in the USA. No activation fees & no contract

✅ Get Tello Starting at $6/month
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✅ Check if your phone works with Tello
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These are affiliate links. As a Tello affiliate I can earn a small commission when you sign up. I personally use Tello for my rugged phone service and I highly recommend it.


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Huge Thank You to the following video I used under Fair Use to make this video:

0:00 7 New Rugged Smartphones
0:32 Thin Night Vision Rugged Phone
1:43 $99 Rugged Phone
3:03 Night Vision Rugged Phone
4:18 5G eSIM Rugged Phone
5:27 Walkie Talkie Rugged Phone
6:18 Budget Thermal Imaging Rugged Phone
7:36 INSANE New Satellite Rugged Phone

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