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Should I Buy a Windows PC or Mac in 2023?

An updated look at the benefits of Windows PCs vs Mac in 2023. With clear and concise recommendations as to which you should buy.

My favorite Apple Laptops:
– (Cheap) Macbook Air M1:
– (Performance on the Go) Macbook Pro 14 M2:
– (Powerhouse) Macbook Pro 16 M2:

My favorite PC Laptops
– (Cheap) Asus Zenbook 14:
– (Performance on the Go) Asus G14:
– (Performance) Legion Slim 7i:

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Josh’s Laptops:

– Dell XPS 13 Plus (Portable Laptop):
– Macbook Pro 14 (Everyday Laptop):
– Macbook Pro 16 (Video Editing Laptop):
– Legion Slim 7i (Gaming Laptop):

Josh’s Youtube Gear:

– Josh’s Camera (A Cam):
– Josh’s Camera (B Cam):
– Josh’s Camera (Thumbnails):
– Josh’s Lens (A Cam):
– Josh’s Lens (B Cam):
– Josh’s Lens (Thumbnails):
– Josh’s Mic:
– Josh’s Wireless Mic:
– Josh’s Light 1:
– Josh’s Light 2:

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