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Smartphone Awards 2020!

The Best of Smartphones in 2020!
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0:00 Intro
1:42 Best Big Smartphone
4:08 Best Compact Smartphone
6:18 Best Camera Phone
8:28 Best Battery
10:10 The Design Award
14:20 Best Budget Phone
16:56 Bust of the Year
18:44 Most Improved Award
20:52 Phone of the Year

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  1. So the iPhone that never survives the first round of "blind" best photo contest is your choice? Come on…

  2. I love the way you make these awards ceremonies, got me looking for a new phone, ok it's not still 2020 but there must have been something good that came out of that year…

  3. 2018 – OnePlus 6t MVP
    2019 – OnePlus 7 pro MVP (my phone)
    2020 – OnePlus 8 pro (ruuner up MVP)

    Pretty good time for OnePlus i might say.

  4. Pls for 2021there should be a special category called "most hyped phone of the year" and that award goes to the pixel 6 and 6 pro

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