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The Best Laptops of 2021

Analyst Matthew Buzzi takes you through the best laptops that have come through PC Labs so far this year! Skip to our picks below; for the very latest guide (updated in real time), check out our Best Laptops buyers guide on the site.

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  1. That is just lazy. Many of these laptops are last generation or even older, some of which actually have current gen versions already released months ago.
    Lenovo Legion 5 Pro completely outclasses Razer Blade 15 Advanced.
    You have also ignored novel designs like ROG Flow X13 which can do a lot more for its price both as a 2-in-1 (compared to XPS 13) and compact gaming laptop (compared to Acer Triton SE). You essentially get two laptops for the price of 1. And I did not even need to go into what else it can do with its egpu.

  2. I'd be willing to pay for a private consult on which laptop I should get, is that something you do? (DM me if so)

    The laptop I want is a high performance gaming/programming laptop (I intend to make games on it and would like to play games that aren't 10 years old anymore). Budget is no issue and Id gladly pay 4 grand for the laptop but would be annoyed if the price vs performance ratio was not the best I could possibly get. Screen size and battery life is not that important for me as I suspect most of the time it would be plugged into my setup and only rarely would I work at a cafe or something (cafes have charging spots these days anyway)

  3. You're talking so fast and sound like you're promoting them. Did you get paid for this? I know sales pitches when I hear them. No one who is realistically comparing the best ones is doing so by spouting off the tech specs at 100mph. Terrible. Nexxxxt!

  4. Thank you PC Mag. We ordered a laptop online knowing very little. It came looking unappealing. Back to starting point 🤦‍♀️. Now we know what to get. Love love Apple but the quality is disappointing. Bought Mac Book Air for my daughter, and it lasted 3 years. I had to buy another 1 just bc she’s so used to it. Apple is the elite when it comes to design & technology. However it’s also the elite when it comes to prices. Quality? Not so good anymore. I like the ThinkPad X1 Carbon. The carbon design reminds me of the older BMW interior

  5. Razer is garbage made in China ., worst customer service .. stay away from them buy American or something else

  6. A very high fraction of the HP Spectre X360 suddenly will not turn on. Typically happens a few months after the warrenty expires. HP charges $560 for the repair.

  7. Why are ethernet ports disappearing from laptops? I finally have 1gig fiber line and all these new laptops are limited to Wi-Fi.

  8. I am surprised…No LG Gram….Instead of having two lenovo and two acer laptops in there…you should have included at least one of the LG Gram…

  9. Listened to the entire video and didn't find a recommendation for what I need. I am looking for a desktop replacement laptop with a 17 inch screen and no touch screen. I'm currently using an Acer Predator which is the best laptop I've ever owned. But currently Acer only lists one Predator with a 17 inch screen and it's double the price I paid for my old laptop.

  10. Pcmag lost all credibility after saying the blade 15 was the best gaming laptop. Have they even seen the Zephyrus G15 ??

  11. Best one isn't here!. Huawei MateBook 14. 16 GB ram, 512 GB SSD, Ryzen 7, 2 K touch screen, 10 hours battery all for around 780 euros, really bright screen and good for medium gaming, video editing and photoshop

  12. What? Most of those are 2020 laptops and not even the best in class tbh. And for the price, you can do a lot better now. The review is outdated. Swift X, G14, ROG Flox 13, XPS 17, the list goes on…

  13. Acer swift X is also one of the best budget laptop it comes with ryzen 7 5800u, 16gb ram, 512gb NVME SSD up to 2TB, rtx 3050ti for price $1000

  14. I wonder if anyone could test and tell difference in FPS between:
    FSR+RT on 6600M
    RT without FSR on 6600M
    RT+FSR on RTX card mobile
    RT + DLSS on RTX card mobile

    Would give a nice idea about how it all works 🙂

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