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The BEST Smartphone Of 2021 Is a Tablet

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3:
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0:00 – Why a Foldable?
2:42 – Hardware
5:30 – Software
7:05 – Camera
8: 45 – Conclusion

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The year was 1997, the movie was The Saint, and for the tech nerd in me, the film was really just part of the story. What really blew my mind was not whether Val Kilmer played a good Roger Moore. Honestly, my eyes were mostly set on that Nokia 9000 communicator.

For a guy who could barely afford a cheap Nokia 250 at the time, the idea of a phone that could morph into a communicator was the stuff of science fiction. It was this device, along with the Palms, and the Pocket PCs and the Blackberries that helped your phone today do so much more. The problem is when the flat slab took over for a couple of reasons. I honestly think the obsession over a larger flat screen got kind of out of hand, up to the point where phones today are massive, and in ways that aren’t always convenient. Like I get that having a large screen is good for watching a video, but is it just as useful when trying to use it with one hand? Seriously, think about it, do you always need your phone to be large, or wouldn’t it be great if your phone was easy to handle when you need it, but that became something else entirely when you need more?

This is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, one of the two smartphones I’ve carried in my pocket for the last two months, and honestly the one I would not leave home without if I had to pick. I know, with the iPhones and the Pixels that just got launched, that’s kind of a bold statement, but it’s because I’ve tested those products already that I find myself believing in this premise more and more. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is my experience with it after two months of use.


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