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The Best & Worst Gaming Laptops of 2023 at CES!

These are the best & worst gaming laptops coming out in 2023 from CES! Get more details on all the new models in my CES coverage:
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Best & Worst Gaming Laptops 2023 Timestamps:
0:00 We Ain’t Got Time For An Intro
0:09 ASUS
4:13 Lenovo
5:43 Where Are Mini-LED & OLED Screens?
7:01 MSI
9:33 Acer
10:38 Alienware
12:31 Dell
12:56 Razer
13:38 XMG
14:14 HP
14:27 Gigabyte/Aorus
15:15 Check Out All 2023 Gaming Laptops!

Disclosure: Purchases made through store links above may provide some compensation to Jarrod’sTech.

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