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This Is The BEST Laptop For Most People

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Yes, in 2008, when my laptop was a thick and heavy brick, Apple defied the odds,.. but the result wasn’t as great as that reaction. To quote one of my favorite movies of all time… (once an idea has taken over the brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate). Apple sold us on a dream. An ultra-portable computer that could be *powerful*, but then only delivered on the dimensions. At the time, MacWorld called it a story of compromise. As Michael Fisher recalls from his 2013 unit.. It became clear that ultra-portables would only be good for light to moderate loads. We can credit Apple for re-inventing the modern laptop design, but the promise of a powerful machine remained incomplete. What’s funny is that the Intel partnership they so heavily claimed as what made the first MacBook Air possible is exactly what they needed to get rid of in order to deliver. The reason why this M1 MacBook Air is so important, is because if I asked you what your dream laptop would be, I know few people would prefer a heavy brick with a washed out screen, plus little endurance and a hefty price tag. We all want the best value for our investment, and after testing this Air for five months, I actually think it’s too good for the money. I even debate why anyone would want to pay more for a MacBook Pro. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is our extended review sponsored by iVANKY. Stick around to learn how iVANKY can solve one of my few complaints.


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