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Top 10 Smart Watch – Best Smartwatches you can buy right now!

Top 10 Smart Watch 2021 – Best Smartwatches you can buy right now!

#BestSmartwatch2021 #Top10Smartwatch #Bestsmartwatch #TicwatchPro3 #SamsungGalaxyWatch3 #HuaweiWatchGT2Pro #HonorMagciwatch #GalaxyWatchActive2 #HonorWatchGSPro #AppleWatchSE #AppleWatch6 #ZeblazeThor6

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 or LTE
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Samsung Galaxy Watch OG
Huawei Watch GT2 Pro
Honor Watch GS Pro
Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch Series 6
Amazfit GTR2 (Sports)
Zeblaze Thor 6
Huawei Watch GT2
Honor MagicWatch 2

Other Mentioned Smartwatches:
Kospet Prime 2
Xiaomi Miband 5
AIPOWER Earbuds Pro Smartwatch

Nubia SmartwatchSmartwatches for Small Hands:
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (40mm)
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44)
Samsung Galaxy Watch OG (42mm)
Amazfit Bip S
Honor Magic Watch 2 (42mm)

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  1. Good review 👍🏻 but Moto keeps competitions of new innovation for the future !!! As of right now can stick to GTpro , make sense, ⌚

  2. Good review nice explanation! Well done and thank for sharing , one watch that catch my eyes tic watch because the battery life and style

  3. Hi There… I'm looking for a round 40-42 mm wirst, "NOT SO SMART" watch. I'm not interested in answer calls, or biometrics or even activity tracker (if included, it's ok, but it's not a requirement). So what I'm looking for is a watch to read current time, with many, many, many different watch face options, so I can have a different one every day, or design my own if I want to do it. I'm not interested in to sleep wearing my watch, so I can recharge it during night, (a new day a new face, wear it all day long, recharge it by nigth, repeat) Do you have any recommendation for me? … Thanks in advance for your time, … and very good review by the way!

  4. probably battery duration is not important for the reviewer otherwise the list would be the otherway round

  5. I really enjoyed this video review. The only problem that I have is that one watch in particular was not mentioned and that's the Lokmat app llp watch. It is a Chinese branded watch but it still should be considered. I know you have gotten away from these companies, but they are still innovating and have great tech. I say give them another chance and let your viewers know about them.

  6. fehér angyalok szalnak hozzád rózsás szivecskeket szórnak parnad alá szép álmod legyen angyalok ről. ❣️🌹🌹💗👧💞💘💖💋💔

  7. I ordered the original galaxy watch original from amazon for 92 euros. I am so exited! Looks like i made a good choise.

  8. This is the best and very informative video for this particular gadget I have been searching for! Now my choice of buying one has been narrowed to 2 watches!

    I really hope that there is SIMILARLY like this for Smartphone and Tablet.

    This is a great help!. Thank you.

  9. Very nice video and straight to the point,
    I was just wandering what u think about the new xiaomi Mi watch global version
    Thanks a lot ❤

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