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Top 5 BEST Smartphones So Far

Which 2021 Smartphones are the BEST? Here are my Top 5 smartphones for 2021 So Far

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  1. Recovery… Flagships ownerships globalisation a little help and vacations objectives world money fair and safety for youths

  2. AGAIN, I am trying to to as polite as possible, yet to see a review on how the network receptions are but 99% reviews are on , looks, camera, screen, camera, gaming, camera, camera, camera, camera, camera and camera, well that's how I see it, but very rarely do I see or hear it have good cell antenna or good network signal, battery luckily most do give info about it, ok its all good, but it's a freaking MOBILE ! you are in a place where signal is poor, oh wait you can take selfies, and selfies and selfies and after that paly a few games and hope superman will fly by to help you, bunch of nobs all who buy mobiles for cameras and gaming only, not forgetting the people giving the reviews, it never crosses your mind does it. no use to watch this review I gone.

  3. Omg good luck on your new year of your life in your new job in a new year you have to be in your office this time and you will see your best to get to your job as your best

  4. Really loved the review. I also have confusion in which phone to buy between S20 FE 5G vs Oneplus 9 (not pro version). Only thing I'm hesitate and confused with S20 FE is heating issue, low brightness (is it adequate or very low compared to Oneplus 9) and performance lag (when running 5 to 10 apps simultaneously) compared to Oneplus 9. Please give your opinion on this.

  5. Will I regret buying iphone 13 instead of OnePlus 9 ro. They are the same price here in India atleast.

  6. Totally agree with all choices. Other than the ASUs phone I’ve had hands on all the others. And s21 ultra just does it for me. An absolute beat then the oppo and then one plus. I didn’t like the mi ui on the xaoimi ultra but phone was really good.

  7. Dear please advise if u are bothered when the next best one plus phone would launch….the best one

  8. I love Android. But I live in Europe and have prepaid data plan in Europe prepaid plans are 28 days long so they can charge you 13 times a year. I am sick and tired of resetting my Android data every 28 days. I will post this in every android phone revue I see untill Google puts a 28 day plan in the OS please like and share if you are in the same boat as me.

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