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TOP 6 SMARTWATCHES Top 6 by Category

There are a ton of great smart watches out there, but which one is the best of the best? In this video, we are talking about the top 6 best smartwatches of 2021. These 6 smartwatches include the watches with the best battery life, aesthetic, most accurate, and much more!

0:00 Get on with it already!
0:34 The 6 Categories
1:34 I Never Charged This Watch
2:45 Best Fitness Band
4:16 Best For Fitness Beginners
5:58 Best Fitness Smartwatch
7:33 Best Hybrid Smartwatch
8:57 Best Overall (Apple, then Android)
10:32 Bonus Category!

Thank you all for watching!

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  1. So which one is your favorite??
    Product Links 👇
    Galaxy Watch 3:
    Fitbit Sense:
    Garmin Venu 2:
    Garmin Venu SQ:
    G-Shock GBD H1000:
    Mi Band 6:
    Garmin Vivomove Style:
    Fitbit Charge 4:
    Apple Watch 6:
    Apple Watch SE:

    (We aim to test as many devices as possible to help you make decisions with confidence. To make this possible, many of these product links direct you to our partners (such as Amazon). This does not influence our evaluations and costs absolutely nothing to you! To learn more, please read the description of this video)

  2. Battery life, fitness, fitness, fitness, best overall. Does anybody use a proper smartwatch for anything but fitness?

  3. I'm still thinking about going back to Galaxy watch original nothing beats the battery life I can do a 6 mile run using it to stream music and still use it all day on one charge impossible on these ??

  4. I just need to know which smartwatch that would be compatible with my Android Samsung phone, has the largest font. I currently have an older Fitbit Charge 3, and while I enjoy having message alerts on my watch I can't read the tiny print anymore. Don't want to have to reach for reading glasses to check a message on my watch. Help! Thx!

  5. I can't believe like 7 years later, smart watches is still absolutely garbage. They are just milking your money. I think I'm just going to buy a iPhone small phone and make a strap for it. Those watches literally only cost like $10 in hardware, most likely less.

  6. I watched this video after ordering a new Apple Watch (as an Android user) and realizing they make life hell for Android users, I can't even use it without buying an Iphone. Thanks Apple, I was going to be a customer and was ordering an Ipad Pro but you just nailed your coffin with me, goodbye forever 🙋‍♂️

  7. Galaxy watch if you use all the features is going to need charged in between each meal of the day.

    I'm looking for all the health trackers (and actually use them), plus some smartwatch features on top, with good battery. Haven't found the right one yet.

    On the other side, my wife also wants the health trackers and workout stuff, but appreciates feminine styling. She doesn't want to strap on a giant 46mm round behemoth. So haven't found a good option for her yet either.

  8. got a recommendation for an old crock who's less concerned about fitness than checking whether he's still alive?

  9. Dont' buy this peace of shit! It does not work if you don't own a Samsung Phone! NO blood pressure and no ECG. I don't understand why Samsung does this to his buyers! Bought it for 400 € fucking € and end up with a limited piece of shit! Will send it back if they don't fix this!!!!!!!

  10. I just want an Android smart watch that my son can make payments on, get messages, & calls on. Simple. His birthday is in 5 days

  11. Please take the below user feedback about Fitbit~ They do not last. So there is huge frustration to spending $200 and the clock face falls off after 11 months. It cannot be sincerely recommended, knowing this. (Fitbit Versa 2)

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