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Watch this BEFORE You Buy a Laptop!

What’s the Best Laptop? These are my Top 10 Tips for choosing the Best Laptop for work, gaming & everyday use in 2021!

00:00 Intro waffle
00:30 1. Buy new or 2nd hand?
01:39 2. DIY Upgrades
02:40 3. Intel vs M1 MacBooks
04:09 4. What specs do you need?
05:50 AD – Galaxy Book Pro 360
07:20 5. Game Streaming?
08:08 6. Use a 2nd screen!
08:47 7. 16:10 FTW!
09:20 8. Screen Quality
10:20 9. Different Form Factors?
12:02 10. Try before you buy!
12:52 Outro waffle

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  1. For one who hasn't used (but bought one a couple of weeks ago) a laptop ever, I reckon 'Dell Inspiron 14 5410' was a good choice. My usage will include only typing/editing and zoom classes and every-once-in-a-while movie nights.
    Could you kindly respond? Your opinion will be comforting.

  2. MacBook is literally the worst laptop ever . I had mine for 3 years and my logic board collapsed…. bare in mind I only watched Netflix and worked on uni courseworks

  3. 1. Honestly the difference between the included SSD and a new one and 4/8GB ram to 16GB is very minuscule unless you look for it. 9/10 of the time it’s not worth it. Seriously this is quite bad advice considering the hassle you’ll get for little to any performance advantage especially in the case of the ssd.
    2. As for colour accuracy it isn’t always the more the better. A panel with 99% DCI-P3 coverage will result in over saturation in basically everything you do since they’re all coded on SRGB. Unless you do something they requires colour accuracy 100% SRGB would be better (assuming you can’t eq the display)

  4. I am chearching a laptop for workinga lott with sketchup pro, what should i get? The new mac or something with i7?

  5. It is high time that respected reviewers paid more attention to I/O ports. Most seem to blithely accept that daisy chains of overpriced dongles are acceptable. Further, photo and film people really do need full size SD card slots.
    The assumption seems to be that manufacturers are right to be parsimonious while charging ever higher prices and reviewers need to call them out.
    We see slim and sleek laptops galore (all looking more or less the same) but reviewers ought to show machines in actual use with all wires and hubs and tangles on the desk.
    It is a matter of truth and integrity.

  6. I found your video on what the letters mean after the processor in terms of power very useful in realising, for example, all i-7 processors from the same generation do not perform equally. Also your comments on inadequate cooling in some reviews causing thermal throttling. You could end up in a situation where an i-5 outperforms an i-7 due to thermal design. Try before you buy is an excellent tip!
    The only issue I've had is I've always been interested in the LG Gram. Whilst available online from Amazon, Currys, Argos I've never managed to get my hands on one.

  7. The Consumer Contracts Regulations replaced the DSR's in June 2014 – but from a consumers point of view the same principles apply. Trying in store but buying online for added protection is, as you say, the way to go. Consumers do sometimes abuse this but ultimately the responsibility lies with the seller. I bought a Samsung S7+ as a gift. Embarrassingly it had obviously been used, returned, re-shipped by Samsung, and looked second hand. The problem here though rests with Samsung for not following due diligence – not the consumer who returned the product.

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